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Yiannis Pahitas

Yiannis Pahitas

Hardware engineer turned Soft

Web Developer

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My name is Yiannis Pahitas, an engineering graduate with a strong programming and analytical background. The biggest part of my career so far, has been as an R&D engineer in a firm developing electric vehicles. I have also spent a considerable amount of time working with and developing custom software for client’s needs. Currently I am undertaking a master’s in business administration as a part-time course in conjunction with my day job.
Shortly after graduating from the prestigious Imperial College of London, I took on a position as an R&D design engineer, which was followed by a 6-month project as a researcher at the University of Cyprus. In these two jobs it was very important to present the results of experiments undertaken and of analysis performed in a clear manner, either to my co-workers or the customers themselves.
What excites me most though is working with and developing software. Even though I am not an expert in programming, I have a working knowledge over a wide range of languages. Having covered C and C++ as an electronics engineer, I recently picked up on web development. I started less than a year ago with a very simple google site and through personal development I became very comfortable with HMTL, CSS and PHP, especially in WordPress applications. I don’t doubt that you can find individuals much more versed in programming than I am, but if you are looking for a talented, self-motivated who can adapt and learn then I believe I am a suitable candidate.
I believe you would be interested in a personal project of mine called ‘The Cypriot Puzzle’. It is a digital initiative aimed at informing (mainly the youth of Cyprus) on the so called ‘Cyprus Problem’. Having recognised the importance of education in society, we made our first steps in creating an easily accessible source of objective information. Our project can be found on (should the background be yellowish/orange, please visit to see the new website under development)
As a final note, the MBA course I am undertaking at the moment is extremely informative as, amongst others, it focuses on team dynamics, communication techniques and marketing. All these are important tools for an engineer, since any project is only partly driven by its technical characteristics. Therefore, the knowledge gained will be directly applicable to any working environment.
I believe I have outlined some of the reasons why I think I am a good fit to your profile. I would be very much interested in discussing further the position you are advertising as well as how my skills and experience can be utilised by you.

I look forward to a response,

Yiannis Pahitas